If you're wondering whether Lexington Law is a fraud, then you're probably in the market for credit repair. Finding a reputable law firm on the Internet who can fix your credit is a challenge.

Personally I accumulated a great deal of credit card debt in college and could not pay my bills. Once I grew up and realized the imporance of your fico score, it dawned on me that I needed some professional help to fix my damaged credit.

I jumped online and started looking for a reputable credit repair company. My local news station had just published a story about the FTC cracking down on credit repair organizations so I was immediately skeptical. Plus, I saw a blog where a guy mentioned a lexington law scam.

On a similar note, I really had to question whether a company could undo years of damaging credit items. I was given hope however when I also saw that people had used a company called The Lexington Law Firm to fix their bad credit.

I realized that credit repair is not at all about trying to cheat the system. Rather, it is more about using your government laws to legally correct mistakes and remove questionable information.

You still may be skeptical, but it comes down to whether you want to live as a deadbeat constantly being rejected for loans, living in rundown apartments, or etc. or you want to live a better lifestyle now that you are more responsible.

In any event, I was determined to find out whether Lexington Law was a scam. I read plenty of lexington law reviews. But, what better way than to check out Lexington Law myself in person.

I actually went to The lexington law . I found out that the law firm is rather impressive. It isn't necessarily opulent like you see on TV.

Rather, it is modest and clean. It is located near Salt Lake City, Utah. Their staff was super friendly and gave me a tour of the law firm.

I met some of the paralegals who help the lawyers handle the credit repair cases. When I first arrived John Heath - the top lawyer - was in a meeting. However, I was introduced him in person on the way out. As a footnote, he was much taller than he looks in his picture on the Lexington Law website. John was personable and gave me a free copy of the book he wrote about credit repair.

After seeing Lexington Law with my own eyes, I was convinced that Lexington Law is not at all a scam. If you're considering the law firm, I encourage you to book a tour if you're ever in the area.

On the other hand, you can give them a call on the phone (1-866-246-7311) and they will answer your questions free of charge.